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Ph.D. in Architecture

The Ph.D. program in Architecture aims at enhancing scholarship in the fields of theory, design, knowledge and representation. It endows the doctoral student with the knowledge and skills and the development of appropriate ways of thinking and production required to cope with the growing complexity of contemporary research projects. Original and significant scholar contribution to the field is expected, as well as versatility in dealing with research projects of an interdisciplinary or technocentric nature. The formal coursework presents and investigates different epistemological, methodological or representational frameworks and scientific approaches used in the discipline and in other human or physical sciences and deals with the problems of integration, representation and communication of knowledge. Elective courses develop awareness of current issues and topics in architectural debates and of the complex socio-cultural, economic and technological issues shaping contemporary architectural discourse and practice. A critical understanding and reinterpretation of the most recent theoretical debates and paradigms in architecture and in related fields and disciplines, as well as an effective consciousness of the social, historical and epistemological contexts of research is considered as a substantial part of doctoral research. The program endows the doctoral candidate with an awareness of the moral and ethical issues in scientific inquiry, competence in the synthesis and integration of knowledge in real world situations and the development of an ethos to this end.

Considering that the majority of doctoral candidates are interested in future academic careers, career planning is also on the agenda. The program provides for training both in research and teaching, attracting future academics nationwide to experience the research culture and scholarship developed there.

Existing and Evolving Research Tracks

Architecture, Theory and Design

Architecture, Society And Culture

Architectural Design Research

Architecture and Urbanism

Urban Space

Urban Culture

Architecture and Environment

Sustainable Architecture

Landscape Architecture

Architecture and Computational Design

Generative Design Systems

Performative Design in Architecture